It’s Summertime in Plant City, Florida

Walking along the red brick cobblestone road, waves of heat rise up with the sun as it beats down on the pavement. It’s the end of May, and the summertime sun isn’t showing any sign of mercy.  Kids celebrate as they finish online classes, and college students ditch their textbooks.

It’s summertime in Plant City, Florida.

The summer air creates a shift in everyone’s mood.  There is a feeling of freedom and excitement to live carefree for a few months.  The evidence is in the smiles of families enjoying an afternoon stroll around downtown.

This summer probably isn’t going quite how you expected it to.  It’s one that looks unusual from any other we’ve experienced.  It’s the summer of uncertainty and canceled plans.  It’s the summer of social distancing but also wanting to have fun with friends and family.  There’s a craving to cure your boredom and a need for new experiences, adventures and fun. 

This summer may not look the way you want it to, but there are still adventures to be discovered and fun to be made. 

Let’s take a short walk through Plant City… 

The historic downtown is as pretty as it is peaceful. Explore the many houses, some date back to the early 1900s.

The trees that tower over the red brick create a hint of shade to cool the sweat that’s dripping.  A friendly neighbor looks up from their morning walk to wave as you drive down the cobblestone streets of downtown.   The two-story houses line the shaded streets, and you can smell the gardenias that are blooming before you see them.  The quiet of the neighborhood is peaceful.

It’s summertime in Plant City.

The 1914 High School is now a community center and museum for the town. It’s also a great place for pictures!

As you follow the red brick path a few miles down the street, you drive past the 1914 high school that is now a museum.  Pull into the parking lot by the old train station, and you’ll hear the sound of a train whistle blowing as it moves along the tracks.  It’s a little noisier than the quiet historic neighborhood, but it’s still a quaint area.  

Krazy Kup is a downtown coffee shop known for its “kool” decor and quality “koffee.”
The inside is just as charming as the outside! Some say the Whistle Stop Cafe got its name because guests can hear the whistle from the trains on the tracks outside the cafe.

The smell of coffee brewing mixed with the sweet scent of pastries drifts through the air- the baristas wave as you pass by the window.  The pace begins to pick up a little here.  Past the local coffee shop, the window next to the old red phone booth shows two people sharing a meal.  They chat over a burger and fries as they blow bubbles through a straw to “properly” mix a Cherry Smash at the classic Whistle Stop Café.

It’s summertime in Plant City.

The gazebo and life-size chess game make for a relaxing afternoon in McCall Park. Grab an iced lemonade and a book!

Walk past the murals painted on the side of the walls- these tell a greater story about the small town.  The gentleman walking a few steps behind you hurries to the open door as you walk into an antique store, scanning the shelves for a vintage item to use in your newest home project.  An older couple smiles and waves to say, “Hello.”  A quiet park with a gazebo and green space greets you, enhancing the city’s natural beauty. 

A few minutes down the road, a well-known place around town (and the state) is recognized for its famous southern’ cooking.  However, it’s not the only place in Plant City with good food.  There are tons of other places all around the city offering different cuisines for everyone to enjoy.  Food is a big part of the culture, and we want everyone to experience it!  Families gather around tables and share a meal, talking about what happened that day and going over the latest news.  People talk from one table to the other, and the waitresses join in on the conversation because that’s the friendly way to communicate. 

It’s summertime in Plant City.

The old theater is a pretty spot to take pictures at.

There are many things to do: the boutiques, antiques, dining, nature parks and more will make you want to spend the whole day here!  The city is charming, the manners are classy and the service is graceful.  But it’s more than that- it’s the friendliness of the people that will make you fall in love with the small town.

This summer may not look the way you thought it would.  However, it doesn’t mean it has to look disappointing.  Plans may be canceled but that doesn’t mean your summer has to be.

As you walk down that red brick road, you’ll realize there’s more.  It’s more than just a small town that grows strawberries, though we are very proud of that.  It’s the history that runs deep in the roots of every heart, every soul, every business.  It’s the simpler way of living that will make you want to come back time and time again. 

You’ll want to make your summer plans include this small town.  It’s summertime in Plant City.

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