The 10 Most “Instagrammable” Places in Plant City

The sound of giggling echoes above the mid-day rush of cars and lingers a few blocks down the street.  The flashes of a camera bounce off the walls and girls join hands in groups of twos and threes to snap pictures in the trendiest clothes of the season- jean skirts, crop tops and scrunchies.

A smile spreads across each face, grinning ear to ear, as the flashing camera captures the warmth and joy of the moment.  It documents the fun day the girls’ memory may soon forget, but the pictures will leave stories to tell for years.

2020 is the year a day out with friends will always be remembered. “Pictures or it didn’t happen” is the mantra, and thousands of photos eat up the storage in our phones.  Within minutes, most of the pictures will be edited and ready to post on Instagram.

So, where are the best places to take pictures in a small town like Plant City?  Let’s drive around and see a few of the spots:

  1. Parkesdale Farms

Juicy red strawberries drip sugary sweet syrup that soaks into a spongy vanilla cake topped with creamy cool whip.  Strawberry shortcake is the best dessert in Plant City, and it’s made famously around the world with strawberries picked fresh from Parkesdale Farms.

Parkesdale is celebrated for its history of fresh produce and classic treats.  The fruit stand opened in 1969 after planting the first 10 acres of the popular strawberry crops, which made Plant City known throughout the region as the winter strawberry capital of the world.

Smile “berry” big as you sit on the strawberry throne complete with a crown fit for a king or queen with a rose in hand.  There are plenty of photo opportunities for things other than just the food- though that’s always a bonus.  The plants surrounding the berry throne are beautiful and create a beautiful private area. 

Outside, snap a picture with the red and white-striped covering in the background as you pose with a juicy shortcake, sweet strawberry milkshake or cold soft serve ice cream.

Parkesdale Farms is a picture opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

2. Twistee Treat

Creamy soft-serve ice cream drizzles down a crispy waffle cone on a hot summer day.

Ice cream is the perfect sweet at Twistee Treat! 

Twistee Treat gives the perfect vintage vibe for your feed.  Pose with a treat covered in rainbow sprinkles dripping from the cone, or relax at the tables; and let the backdrop tell the story.  The store itself is shaped to be a vanilla ice cream swirled in a cone.  It’s different and fun, but the ice cream is classic.  The store offers 27 flavors, and it’s open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM- 10 PM. 

Grab a fun picture and a good ice cream cone.

3. State Theater Antiques

It has an old-time charm that stands tall in the downtown district of Plant City.  The pink building was known for a long time as the State Theater, which opened in 1939.  The theater closed in the 1950s and is now an antique store

While the pink outside of the building makes for great pictures, the inside is filled with antique items like a jukebox, piano, and a store set up of red bar stools stationed next to an old coke machine.  Signs line the walls of the store transporting you back to simpler times.

Take a few pictures here and stop inside for a blast from the past while you’re there.  The State Theater is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM.

4. Robert W. Willaford Railroad Museum

The Robert W. Willaford Railroad Museum is an important landmark in Plant City because the railroads are where the small town originally got its fame.

 In 1884, Henry B. Plant came to Plant City, first named Ichepucksassa, and saw an opportunity with business and agriculture.  Given the location between Tampa and Orlando, he extended the South Florida Railroad to connect the cities and expand the business.

A museum is now placed beside the railroad tracks and has cool photo opportunities where you can climb up onto train cars, stand outside of vintage-looking double doors, pose in front of the brick walls of the building and more creative options.

Snap a few pictures while educating yourself on the neat history of railroads and our town!

5. Krazy Kup Alley, I Love PC Mural, & Whistle Stop Phone Booth

It’s all in one little block!  Go downtown to see the I Love Plant City mural that’s painted with a few of the most beautiful landmarks in town. 

Walk a few feet over to the alley next to the local coffee shop, Krazy Kup, for an area decorated with hanging lights, an iron fence gate and a brick wall.  It’s a cute area to share a coffee and take pictures. 

Keep walking around the building to the Whistle Stop phone booth that looks like it’s straight out of a movie scene.  Pile in and smile big as you pose for the camera before stopping in to grab a hamburger. 

These three stops are conveniently located right next to each other off of Collins Street, and there’s a parking lot on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and Collins Street in front of the mural.  It’s easy, fun and cute- what’s not to love?

6. Village Green Park

An elegant fountain streams water in the center of a park surrounded by tall Magnolia trees and blooming flowers.  Sit on a bench and relax, read a book and take a few pictures of the natural beauty of Village Green Park.

Many residents come to enjoy a pretty day, and the natural lighting is great for pictures because of the shade provided by the trees with the sun streaming in through small patches.  Grab a bite to eat after at Brick House Café or The Corner Store (the side of the building also makes a great spot for pictures).

7. Lower Green Swamp Preserve

Listen to the sound of birds singing and watch wildlife in action. Lower Green Swamp Preserve is located on 12,800 acres with 3,000 opened for the public to hike, bike and ride the trails.  There are even equestrian trails to follow, which would make for a great picture opportunity.

Many of the other picture options listed are destinations but this is a place to explore in nature.  Capture the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy the peace that comes with being deep in the trees or riding a horse.

You’ll cherish memories made here and add a little difference to your feed to captivate your follower’s attention.

8. Alderman’s Ford Conservation Park

Photo taken from

Explore more of nature through the trails of Alderman’s Ford.  The park has a 1.9-mile loop along the Alafia River with cypress trees towering over.  It creates a mysterious, adventurous mood and looks great in pictures.  It’s a popular spot for walkers and bikers, but the trees along the river make it a place to capture a fun day outdoors, too.

9. Keel Farms

Rows of okra and fields of watermelon provide the perfect photo opportunities at Keel Farms.  Keel Farms is the destination for a fun day with family or a fun night with your significant other.  The farm hosts many events throughout the year, but it’s popular for the brewing company Two Henries, the wine, and the Keel & Curley restaurant. 

The patio deck is covered with string lights and provides a care-free atmosphere.  Music plays over the speakers and there’s open space to eat and dance.  Walk past the patio deck to a play area for kids and rows of fresh produce growing.  There’s always something fun going on here, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to catch a few pictures of it.

Check the Facebook page and website for hours of operation and details on the next event.

10. Pelican’s SnoBalls

Pelican’s SnoBalls is the perfect spot to end your tour of pictures through the town.  Shaved ice soaked with sweet syrup is a treat to cool you down after a day running around in the hot Florida heat.  It also happens to have many picture opportunities with the cute atmosphere and friendly vibes.

The lights strung over the patio area are perfect for dessert in the evening, and the bright blue building makes for fun pictures during the day- and a nice snack!  Families toss bean bags as they have a friendly cornhole competition in the back.  People line up to choose from over 100 flavors.

On the side of the blue building is a mural painted on the wall perfect for Instagram pictures and customers eagerly wait to have their turn at the picture area.

It’s a neat place to visit for sure, and it isn’t *too* bad if you can stop for a snow cone while taking pictures too!

Plant City has many great places to take pictures while having fun with friends.  Go explore these “Instagram worthy” places, and enjoy the memories that will have more stories to tell than the pictures.