The Top 6 Trails To Hit in Plant City

Wind rustles through the trees, stirring dirt from its resting place on the ground.  The wheels on the bike hug the edges along the gravel road; and a cool breeze rushes past and brushes your hair back.

The path is winding and the trail is long but not long enough.  The birds are singing, the wind is blowing and the sun is shining.

It’s a beautiful day to hit the trails in Plant City, Florida!

The trails in Plant City are more than just relaxing places to walk or ride a bike- they’re places to explore.  Ride through the paved trails and dirt paths of nature preserves and parks as you make countless memories with family and friends. 

The hot Florida heat can’t beat enjoying the beauty in nature.

Edward Medard Conservation Park

Swing from the roots of trees extending from one hill to the other.  Adventure through the backwoods and stir up the sand scattered along the ground.  It’s a kid’s playground and an adult’s outside gym. 

The trails of Medard Park are a special place for any adventurer.

Discover the massive hardwood trees looming deep in the park.  The trees create a nice shade from the bright sun, and it’s a few degrees cooler in the jungle-like area.  The elevated landscape covers 1,300 acres of land once mined for phosphate in the 1960s. The tree roots are exposed from years of erosion, and this is what the park is famously known for around the area today.

Glide in a canoe across the water, pitch a tent to camp out in the wild, throw a flying disk to play a game of disk golf and walk the boardwalk to explore the natural sights on the lake.

Rocking back and forth on the swings and sliding down the plastic slides, kids dart back and forth from the playground to the picnic tables trying to squeeze in as much activity as possible. 

After playing, unwrap a turkey Cuban and sip on a cold strawberry milkshake from Strawberry Hut under the covered pavilions or on a picnic blanket in the grass. 

Share a meal with family and spend quality time with friends while enjoying a nice day out.  Relax and replenish after a few hours- you’ll need it after staying busy at this park!

The park is $2 for each vehicle and $5 for the boat ramp and is open 8 AM- 7 PM during the summer. 

The hills of Medard Park are perfect to play on and fun to let your imagination run wild. 

Alafia River Nature Preserve

As the sun rises, birds chirp and create a beautiful melody that echoes through the trees that cast a long shadow over the boardwalk.  Animals hide deep in the swamp areas and let the natural beauty of the preserve captivate visitors.

The Alafia River Nature Preserve is great for experiencing peaceful surroundings.

The preserve is home to a variety of animals, including gopher tortoises, eastern indigo snakes, alligators and more.  The preserve extends from Plant City in east Hillsborough County into Polk County on 4,070 acres.  The land was originally used to mine for phosphate just as Medard Park once was.  Because of this, it’s nice for all kinds of activities including a long jog, a fun bike ride, adventurous camping and bird watching. 

A fun feature of this park are the bike trails that have ramps for riding up and down on.  Rent a mountain bike (or bring your own) to zoom through the hills that are packed full of exciting adventures for the experienced bicyclist.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset for $5 per vehicle.  Bring your binoculars and enjoy watching the animals at Alafia River Nature Preserve!

Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve

Deer graze at the first sign of the sun coming up, the sound of horses echo through the trees and the smell of the river water drifts through the swamp area to welcome guests.  

Blackwater Creek is the perfect place to explore when you’ve been in the house too long and need to burn energy- or calories!

The tall grass and towering trees instantly immerse you into a scene that puts you in the wild- except these trails are a lot safer.  The dirt path weaves throughout a portion of the 2, 200-acre preserve filled with mesic pine flatwoods and blackwater streams.  The trails are maze-like as you choose left or right, this way or that way, and explore the scenic routes enveloped in each pick.

The preserve is open from sunrise to sunset.   Bring water because there are no water fountains on the property, and the hot sun can feel scorching.  

Experience the peaceful atmosphere surrounding Blackwater Creek Nature Preserve. 

Ellis-Methvin Park

Watch the fog settle on the pond early in the morning as you run a loop around.  Sit back on a bench while the quiet of the day gives peace to your soul and rest to your heart. Snap a few pictures while children attempt to climb the black ropes attached to the obstacle course of hoops to step through on the red and blue play area.

 The Ellis-Methvin Park is a place for both children and adults to compete in a rope climbing match or challenge themselves to meet a new walking goal.

At the south end of the park is the Plant City Tennis Center for competitive or recreational tennis players to play a few matches.  Parents can come to relax or try a new workout routine, and babysitters can come to play on the jungle gym with kids and be the coolest sitter ever! 

The park is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM- 4:30 PM and located by the Otis M. Andrews Sports Complex, off of East Cherry Street, where many community recreational sports are played. 

It’s a great place to burn some extra energy under the sun.

McIntosh Preserve

Land stretches beyond where the eyes can see.  The open fields challenge those with a vivid imagination to see the animals that roam the property and the birds that nest in the trees. 

McIntosh Preserve is over 300 acres of natural wildlife.

The east end of the park consists of around 100 acres of prairie wetland, which removes up to 50 percent of pollutants in the Hillsborough River. 

The park is continuously adding on additions to expand for places that visitors can hike, bike and view the variety of birds on the property.  There are also plans to include more trails and pavilions for family and friends to continue creating memories over fun picnics and adventure.

McIntosh Preserve is located off of East Knights Griffin Road and offers many opportunities to take a simple walk through nature.

Downtown Red Bricks

Walk along the red bricks as you listen to the birds sing a song in the morning.  The trees towering over provide just enough shade for a cool breeze in the early hours of the day.  

Historic houses tower over the brick streets and tell stories of a time long past but not long forgotten. 

Stroll around to the 1914 high school where the classrooms once held every student in Plant City as it was the only high school in the area.  A museum is now open in the building, but you can save that for after your walk.

Take a few turns around the neighborhood, and wave hello to a few friendly neighbors.  Next, go straight into the area known as downtown.  Take in the buildings, shops, restaurants and livelihood in the heart of the city.

The brick streets are well-known by many and loved by all.

The trails in Plant City are for the adventurer and the young at heart.  There’s a trail for anyone, a place for everyone and the relaxing time in nature is for YOU!  Come visit one of these parks this summer!